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Technical Assistance
We are funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute to provide capacity building assistance (CBA) and technical assistance. If you are a health department directly or indirectly funded by the CDC, check out the Capacity Building Provider Network to see what services the network can provide at no cost to you.

Our CBA services aim to
  • Increase accessibility and availability of culturally and linguistically appropriate services, including consultation services and facilitation of peer-to-peer mentoring for high-impact HIV prevention (HIP) and supportive services;
  • Increase utilization of services by health departments and their contracted partners of culturally and linguistically appropriate CBA services;
  • Increase knowledge, skills, self-efficacy and intentions to utilize capacity gained tom implement HIP and supportive services
Popular topics for our technical assistance include:
  • State-wide PrEP implementation
  • Implementing PrEP in STD clinics
  • Data to Care
  • Data to PrEP
  • Third-party billing
  • Culturally responsive services
  • Sexual history and behavioral risk assessment
As part of the Clinical Education Initiative, technical assistance related to STDs is available for clinical practitioners in New York State.


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