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Our Impact
For over 25 years, Center for Community Practice (CCP, formerly Center for Health and Behavioral Training or CHBT) has been serving the community through our mission—bridging science and practice through training and capacity building to advance STD/HIV prevention and community health. We have grown from serving the Rochester region, to serving the state of New York, and then to states across the country.

Our goal, and our only agenda, is to enhance the knowledge, skills and practice of health care and public health workforce so that they can help create healthy communities all around us. Through the services we provide, we arm the workforce faced with HIV, other STDs, Viral Hepatitis and other related co-morbidities with the most recent guidelines and research findings, implementation tools and strategies, best practices and peer-to-peer learning.

We’ve conducted training, provided technical consultation, developed curriculums, workshops or tools, and shared best practices and implementation resources in more than 30 states and numerous jurisdictions.

Increasing Knowledge, Skills and Efficacy

Over 95% of our High Impact Prevention (HIP) training participants reported highly satisfied or satisfied with CCP training. ARTAS training received the highest overall satisfaction score, 4.77 out of 5, according to a CDC evaluation report (2017).

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What Others Say
“The capacity building services provided by CHBT resulted in our implementation of High Impact HIV Prevention programs and services including HIV PrEP, Expanded HIV Testing, Linkage to Care etc. The direct program experience of their Senior Public Health Specialists helped us address all of our implementation barriers and challenges - Excellent Resource!”
-Health Department Program Manager

“It was truly a remarkable experience. I am excited to implement PCC!”
-Personalized Cognitive Counseling training participant

“Great training! You should do this for all beginning DIS & CDIS to help them counsel clients.”
-Participant in Staged-Based Counseling training

“Best training & Tools I've received in quite a while!”
-Advanced Motivational Interviewing participant

“Everyone was so friendly. This is a great resource for the community and for providers & students. I will be recommending this course to other clinicians and students."
-STD Preceptorships training participant

What Others Say

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